Pros & Cons of Paper Bags

When looking at purchasing paper bags, it is important to look at the pros and cons of these bags. After all, this is a business decision. So it is smart to consider all aspects. Here are the pros and cons of using these bags.

Pros of Using Paper Bags

  • Reusable and 100% biodegradable, which makes them safe for recycling.
  • Most can withstand more pressure/weight than their plastic counterparts.
  • When left around the house, they present less of a suffocation risk to young children or animals.

So these are pretty straightforward benefits when it comes to using paper bags. We have a great selection of paper shopping bags. Please check them out! See what we have in stock. Our selection of paper bags are perfect for all sorts of retailers.

Cons of Using Paper Bags

  • Not waterproof. So in the rain they become less reliable.
  • More expensive than using plastic bags.
  • Paper bags take up more storage space than plastic bags.
  • Considerably heavier than plastic bags.

As expected, there are some notable cons when using paper bags. So it depends on exactly how you want this done. New York State has mandated the use of paper bags at many stores and retail outlets. And for those wanting to use plastic bags comes a tax. We do have a selection of plastic bags for sale for those who still need them. Plastic bags are becoming more obsolete, since they are not recyclable and bad for the environment.

Great Selection of Paper Bags

As you can see, there are both benefits and drawbacks to using paper bags. When choosing bags for your business or retail outlet, it is important to have enough knowledge and make an educated choice on the best bag type for you. For those looking for a classic feel and look, then paper bags are the way to go. They are a great choice for restaurants, schools, grocery stores, delis, supermarkets and catering companies.

We have a great selection of paper bags, which includes the following:

When you choose the bag that works for you, you can take advantage of our wholesale shipping options.

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