Protective Bottle Sleeves

Sleeves for Wine & Liquor Bottles

Ensure the bottle of liquor you are bringing is safe during its transport with one of our quality protective bottle sleeves. You'd rather be safe, than sorry. Using protective sleeves for bottles of wine and liquor not only adds a layer of protection, but there is also added elegance. It makes the gift look a little nicer. 

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Protective Bottle Sleeves for Liquor Stores

These protective sleeves for wine and liquor bottles are perfect to sell in liquor stores. Gifting a bottle of wine or liquor for someone is always a thoughtful present, but add a touch of elegance and protect the bottle with these great protective sleeves.

Relis & Roth is a trusted supplier of quality liquor store supplies. This includes our selection of protective bottle sleeves for liquor and wine bottles. Our supply area extends to those throughout the greater New York area.

For more information about any of our liquor store supplies, please contact us today. Get great wholesale pricing when you buy with Relis & Roth. A trusted partner with many liquor stores and retailers in the greater NYC area.