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Relis & Roth is the premier distributor of wholesale gift packaging and store supplies, gift baskets, boxes, jewelry packaging, liquor & wine accessories in the greater New York area.

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Please contact us today for more information about all of the supplies in our inventory. When you reach out, we can go over all of the options available to you! Located in New York, we proudly distribute our gift packaging supplies to customers nationwide.

Liquor bottle

Liquor Packaging Catalog

We also offer wholesale liquor gift-giving accessories such as glassware and corkscrews, including pull-tap corkscrews and double-lever corkscrews. We have a great selection of liquor bags and other liquor retail store supplies, including gift boxes, wholesale wine openers, wine stoppers and other bar accessories.

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Gift Packaging Catalog

Our wholesale gift packaging supplies includes bows, tissue paper, gift bags, bottles bags and gift boxes—including liquor gift boxes, clothing gift boxes and cotton-filled jewelry boxes. Our gift bags include mylar wine gift bags, liquor bags and other bottle bags. Gift baskets and gift basket supplies are also part of our wholesale gift packaging offerings.

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Gift packaging
Jewelry packaging

Jewelry Packaging Catalog

Our wholesale jewelry packaging products and supplies includes leatherette jewelry gift boxes, crystal jewelry boxes, as well as velour, bow tie and blue leather boxes. Also check out our jewelry displays, jewelry tags, plus our jewelry pouches and zipper bags.

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