Glassware & Cups

Relis and Roth offers a variety of attractive liquor glassware and economical plastic cups and drink-ware. We have a great selection of basic glassware great for all purposes. If you are looking for liquor glassware a little more sophisticated, we have wine glasses from Italy. And our premium quality chef and sommelier glasses will make turn your home dining experience into a more fanciful evening.

Check out our selection of liquor glassware and cups below..

Wholesale Liquor Glassware Distributor

We can cater to your needs, as we deal in bulk and wholesale glassware, which makes Relis and Roth of NY your premier destination for all things liquor glassware. We will make your transactions smooth and easy for your convenience. Learn more about our liquor glassware for sale and how the different types we sell work great for bars, restaurants and various food service establishment.

For more information about our bulk liquor glassware, please contact us today. We service throughout the New York tri-state area and nationwide!! The number to call to speak to a customer service representative is 718-589-4000. We will happily answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding our wholesale liquor glassware.