Paper Shopping Bags

Relis & Roth has a great selection of paper shopping bags. Our selection of bags are perfect for those in the retail industry who are looking for quality and affordable bags in their shop. Customers deserve the assurance their purchase will be safe during its transportation.

With our paper shop bags, they will be assured of their durability. And these paper shopping bags are eco-friendly and are 100% recyclable. So not only do that have an elegant look, they are good for the environment too!

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Recyclable Paper Shopping Bags

Paper bags are an important item for many retail outlets in the New York area. This is even more true now with the plastic bag ban and the subsequent push for fewer plastic bags out there. Paper bags offer some great benefits for the user. They are more eco-friendly than plastic bags, which makes them a great option for any outlet. Our grocery bags are 100% recyclable. What this means is that they were made from recyclable materials and can be properly recycled after use. And since they are sturdy, they can be reused by the customer. Make the switch to paper today!

Wholesale Bags Available

Relis & Roth provides quality bags that are available at a wholesale rate. These bags include Kraft paper shopping bags, white shopping bags, gold shopping bags and metallic shopping bags. We ship our products nationwide. By providing this sort of service, we have become a trusted supplier of paper shopping bags to outlets across the country.

We are proud to have many different types of bags. We have your regular brown paper shopping bags for those that do not need fashion, simply utility. These brown bags are perfect for grocery stores and supermarkets. They are plain, but they are durable. However, we also have some colorful paper bags for those looking to provide their customers with something nice looking. This holds especially true for those giving the bags as part of a gift.

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However, if you are located in the tri-state area, we provide free freight shipping on most purchases over $300. Which means buying in bulk at our wholesale rates is the way to go. If you would like more information about our wholesale bags, please contact us today. The number to call for our office is (718) 589-4000. When you call, we will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have about our array of products. So please, don't delay and call today!