Custom Printed Bags Manufacturer

Are you a business that could benefit from the use of custom printed bags? Then you are in luck, because Relis & Roth offers over 40 film colors to choose from, as well as selecting from many different styles that will perfectly fit your packaging needs. Improve your brand and grow your business with some custom printed bags! These bags can serve as a walking advertisement for your business.

Get wholesale pricing when you buy in bulk from Relis & Roth. We make buying wholesale bags simple, easy and affordable for businesses and retailers both big and small. For more information about our great selection of bags, please give us a call. The number for our office is 718-589-4000. When you call, you can speak to our custom print specialist and work together on building the perfect bag for your business. Many retailers and companies love this great way of marketing their business. Join the club and get started today! Learn more about how these custom printed bags can help grow your business.

How Custom Printed Bags Can Help Your Business

There are some pretty neat ways that custom printed bags can help grow your business. Let's take a look at some of those reasons now!

Excellent Marketing Tool

We have to start with the best benefit, which is that custom printed bags are an excellent marketing tool. When customers walk out of your store with a custom printed bag, they are leaving with your logo on the bag. Advertising to the world where ever they go. So in essence, they become a walking advertisement for your business and allows for your brand to infiltrate areas where you can't normally advertise. And the more the public sees your brand around, the more that trust gets built and awareness of your company. And at the very least, the person buying from you brings the bag home and stays aware of your brand.

Attention Grabbing

Not only does your logo appear as a marketing opportunity, it is also way more attractive to have your logo than simply be a plain bag. Designs with bright colors and your logo become an eye-catching attraction. So when people see a great looking logo and bag, you are once again showing the uniqueness of your business. Great for retailers trying to build their business.

Affordable Custom Printed Bags

When you turn to Relis & Roth for custom printed bags, we will make it affordable. And when you consider these bags are essentially marketing opportunities, utilizing them is a great way to kill two birds with one stone. And save some money elsewhere.

Let Customers Know About Your Business

Our custom printed bags are also a great way to let your customers know all about your business. Get brand messages and values on the bags, as well as your logo, to get that familiarity across to your clientele. Building trust is key and having custom printed bags essentially do that for you is a great way to help grow your image and your business.

Boost Your Brand

Having nice, attractive packaging options available is a great way to boost your image and your brand. For the most part, when people see custom printed bags they think "fancy!" So if that is something you are trying to go for, then these bags can add a touch of elegance to your business.

Eco-Friendly Custom Printed Bags

When you opt for custom printed bags, they are essentially eco-friendly. We strive for an eco-friendly environment in general, but one great benefit of having these types of bags is the user will likely reuse the bag down the road. They differ from regular bags, which may end up in the garbage after one use. But if these bags have your logo and they like your brand, they often keep it at home to reuse again. Especially in this eco-friendly climate. So you can reduce waste when you opt for these bags. 

Shipping Options

The Relis & Roth distribution center is located in New York. This location allows us to become a reliable partner for many in the greater New York City area. For those located within the New York tri-state area, New Jersey, and Connecticut, we have a shipping deal for you! We offer free shipping for any orders over $250. We of course also ship nationwide. However, standard shipping and freight costs will apply to those orders from outside that area. But when you buy in wholesale, we make it as affordable as possible!

Once again, the number for our office is 718-589-4000. When you call, we can put you on the line with a custom print specialist to go over exactly what you want.

Want something more standard? Check out our full selection of bags! We have many different types of bags for sale, including paper gift bags, recyclable grocery bags and an assortment of merchandise bags. So we have you covered when it comes to bags for your business!