Stoppers & Pourers

Relis & Roth offers an array of different wholesale wine openers, wine stoppers and wine pourers. We distribute to the NY, NJ, and Connecticut tri-state areas.

Sometimes the fun needs to stop. When it does, make sure you have quality wine stoppers. Check out our selection below, because the next time you want to open an old bottle of wine, you're going to want one of our quality wine openers.

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We specialize in providing you with a wide array of items to go along with your other bar accessories. We have standard openers and stoppers, as well as a great selection of deluxe items. These products are perfect for those simple occasions when only one glass of wine is enough. Save it for the next time with a quality opener or stopper.

On top of that, we have a great selection of quality pourers, such as our measured one ounce pourer, which enables you to pour like the pros! With these items, you will have an easier time pouring your wine.

And along with our quality openers and stoppers for wine, we also carry ones that work with champagne bottles. No matter the occasion, Relis and Roth has you covered.

Contact us today if you have any questions about our wholesale selection of wine stopper, wine openers, or wine pourers. We distribute throughout the New York and tri-state area.