Liquor Gift Bags and Mylar Wine Gift Bags

Relis and Roth of NY provides its customers with a great selection of Mylar wine gift bags and liquor gift bags. Check out our products below.

Gift Bags for Liquor Bottles

Liquor bottles are a popular and fun gift to give and are great for nearly any occasion. But don't just give them a bottle or liquor, get a gift bag to accompany it. Not only will it look more like a gift, it will add a touch of elegance as well. We have fancy Mylar gift bags that will turn your gift into something special.

We provide an excellent selection of liquor store supplies, as well as other gift wrap supplies. We are a bulk and wholesale distributor of gift bags. If you have any questions or concerns about any of our products, please contact us today. We will gladly assist you with any issues you may have about these products.

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Trusted Supplier of Gift Bags

Relis & Roth has years of experience dealing with liquor gift bags and products. We have become a trusted name in the New York area and provide quality products for a wide range of services. If you would like more information about our bulk Mylar wine gift bags and liquor gifts bags, please give us a call at: (718) 589-4000.