Clothing Gift Boxes

Two-piece, pop-up gift and apparel boxes are available in basic white or silver and red. Clothes can come in an array of sizes and can be a tricky item to find. But you're in luck! Because we have a great selection of clothing gift boxes sure to satisfy your needs.

Check out our selection below.

Relis & Roth of New York is proud to offer an extensive array of clothing gift boxes and accessories. Surprise your loved ones with their favorite fashions contained in a beautiful and decorative box. Our commitment to excellent customer service allows to provide you with only the highest quality products.

Choose from an assortment of basic white apparel boxes. These ones come in a variety of sizes for just the item you are giving. Smaller boxes great for gloves and ties. Medium sized boxes for shirts and sweaters. We even have boxes large enough to package robes and coats. What you need boxed, we can provide a suitable package.

If you have questions about our clothing gift boxes or other products, please call us today at (718) 589-4000. We serve customers throughout the NY tri-state area.